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There are many of us who enjoy traveling to new and exciting places. We remember the times, pre-COVID, when we journeyed to unknown destinations in search of adventure. As strangers in a new land, we had to read guidebooks or search out “tour guides”: people who specialize in guiding tourists. Sometimes, it was also smart to speak with the locals who know the lay of the land best. The better the guide, the better the chances that we would have a safe and fruitful journey.

Our journey in life is no different. We are often moving through uncharted territory and sometimes feel lost as to which way we should go. Oftentimes, we ask others for direction and guidance. This is a safe practice if the people we consult are inspired by the Holy Spirit to offer us a word of advice that God needs us to hear. Psalm 118, however, offers us a word of caution:  

I would rather take refuge in Yahweh than rely on men;

I would rather take refuge in Yahweh than rely on princes.

  (Psalm 18:8-9)

The greatest guidebook of all is the Word of God. Whenever we have questions, whenever we are unsure of which way to turn, we only need to turn to the Word. In his Second Letter to Timothy, St. Paul says: “All scripture is inspired by God and can profitably be used for teaching, for refuting error, for guiding people’s lives and teaching them to be holy.” (2 Tim 3:16) The Good News is that God loves us beyond all measure. We can place our total trust in Him, because He will never lead us astray. He knows our perfect destination, and He is perfectly willing to direct us accordingly. We couldn’t ask for a better “tour guide”! He is constantly, and consistently, showing us the Way. In the end, His direction is all the direction we need for a successful journey; however, the choice to follow His lead for the sake of our own salvation lies with us.

Challenge: The next time you have an important decision to make, or you are looking for some direction in your life, pray for God’s guidance. Then, open your Bible to a “Word by Chance” and read the Word you find there with an open mind and heart. There are truly no random acts!

Happy Travels!

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